In progress : DNS problems on

We're currently working on it, this feature will be soon available.

Next: New design

We will work on that the 3/12/2017


Done : New node system for faucet, will now be independent, no account required, instant withdraw.

This is done

Don't worry, you will loose nothing ! All our data is protected and we have automatic backup. This is the biggest update and we're preparing a lot of cool features. Be patient!

Aprox opening time: : Online : Online : 3/12/2017 at 10 AM : 5/12/2017 at 7 PM

We're working hard on this project, you can follow @gregjlen and @baccaloreal.
You can make a donation to our Bytecoin address here : 24goqwTtkT5RRa2u5p5DvV7YKVARuziyDNHUhUjvY3kZccWTHTng2oPfNCezqRpKfLJf5dmANoy6uA2bGtZ3uT5fJKk6PVD

Donation list:

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